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Hesitates when throttle applied. WTF!!!

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First off i'd like to say hello, because i havent been on the forum in a while. I have a JDM 1994 MR2 Turbo. 3rd gen 3sgte. not many upgrades just down pipe and boost controller.

Lately my car has been acting weird, I had changed out the cap, rotor, wires, spark plugs, ignitor, coil, and did an oil change and fuel filter change. The car starts fine but when i apply throttle it hesitates and bogs as if its going to stall. It also shoots out black smoke, i guess its running rich?

Any way got it all timed and idles fine, like nothing is wrong, I set it as close to 90degrees btdc. but when i apply throttle it still hesitates, stalls, some times still dies. I did it again and still looking at the timing, and the timing doesn't change when i apply the throttle. So does this mean my ECU has gone bad? I sent out my ecu to get checked, if it is bad, it will cost me $280 to fix, and if its good they will just send it back. any ideas? thanks
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90 degrees BTDC ? The USDM's are 10 degreesBTDC.. Are you sure that the correct timing? or is that a type-0 ? I don't know about the JDM's, but I would think it would be close.
Sounds like vacuum or boost leak to me.
OOOPS yeah i put it at 10 degrees btdc. i was trying to post this up before i headed out to work, so i made it quick as possible. didn't really check my thread yet :)... I'm gonna check the vacuum lines again. a lot of people have suggested that so i'll def look into it as soon as i get my vacuum hand pump i ordered.
is that the one where there is like a hose that connects to the turbo and you stick like some home depot made stuff and use compressed air to find the leak. I seen that on but i'm stationed in japan so i dunno where a home depot like store is here HAhaha.
Yes...and I posted a link on 2 'how to' pages on them...

Do you know any store that would have plumbing supplies? Because that's all it really is...that and a compressor fitting...
If you're getting black smoke that could be too rich, which would make sense with the bogging. That can be caused by bad o2 sensor, AFM, coolant temp sensor. One other thing to check is if the static timing is right (i.e the cams are lined up properly).
heh.. dont worry I did it ALL... I went from full tune up doing the plugs, wires, rotor, cap... to reset timing over and over... then going to sensors which all tested good... It actually ended up being none of those... it ended up being my ECU... I put in a new stock 3rd gen ecu and worked great... sooo then i bought a AP power fc which works wayyyyyy better hahaha.. but imma sell the car soon and the parts because I'll be coming BACK TO THE USA SOOOOOON WOOOOOOOT... next march soon..
Hey that's an awesome Celica you've got there in your sig. I used to have a TA22 Celica years ago. The MR2 is superior in every way but it sorta pulls at the hearstrings a bit any time I see a '22 :)
Yeah Thanks, I cant wait to go back to the states to work on the celica again :D. I like the MR2 also... it does handle great, was a bitch to drift at first, but got it down thanks to the japanese locals :D... they pretty much pushed me to drift it! but i like the celica more... only kuz i have some plans for it when i go back home.
Are you going to bring your MR2 back from Japan?

I used to do autocross in my '22 they perform well as they're a lightweight car. Pop in a 3sgte and it would be fine for drifting too :)
I dont plan on bringing the mr2 back. I'm going to sell it before i leave here. I'm going to use the $$ for my celica. I already bought parts and have a 1jz clip waiting for me for the celica :D... might not doo too much racing w/ the celica... all depends on where i get stationed next really.
I had some buddies who had 1jz's in Ra28's. Is yours an RA or TA shell?

At one time I was going to put a 1ggte in to mine, but the damn thing was just too long!
Yeah its a RA22. i know of 3 guys who have 1JZ's in there 71's... so I figured I'd join the band wagon and do something else on top of that... just waiting to put it all to gether heh...
Fit's pretty good in an RA, should be awesome! :)

If you get some pics together, hook me up with a link :D
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