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just rebuilt the motor in my 93 tercel, reman head, rings, and main and rod bearings, the engine runs great, except when it gets to operating temp, it stutters and will die when i stop. I have rechecked the timing it's right. Anyone have any ideas?
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Sounds like a vacuum leak somewhere that's only active once warmed up... egr valve maybe?
how did u rebuild it? could u post more details? I realy want to rebuild too, im looking for all sort of info.
it doesn't have a egr valve.
it doesn't have a egr valve.
Haynes manual says it has and EGR... google will point me places that sell it for your model and it looks just like the one on my '89... Unless someone removed it, there should be an egr valve on the passenger side above the alternator with an elbow shaped pipe going into it and another vacuum widget (EGR vacuum modulator) that connects to it.

Not saying EGR is definitely the problem, but the behavior that you describe happened to me just a couple days ago when my EGR valve's temperature-controlled vacuum switch failed, leaving the EGR valve wide open. Car would mostly run fine except it would stall at idle. Other vacuum leaks would cause similar problems too.

Could also be a bad oxygen sensor, partially clogged fuel injector, or maybe bad spark plug wires arcing once they get hot enough. Hope that helps.
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i had another person tell me the EGR valve also, so i checked and what i found was that only the California cars had one. But I will check the other things you listed, thanks for your help.
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