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whats up people? well i've had my car for 8 months now, well, this one that is. I have a white 1991 celica gts. I bought it with a blown engine, but the person before me had just put a new tranny in 4000 miles before i bought it and a new clutch 400 miles before. i put a 2.0 in it, but, regretfully, I just threw the 1st rod in that one. I am going to buy a mr2 turbo engine to put in it here in a couple weeks. I have a 2600 watt power accoustik mofo 15" that is in it. and a 2600 watt amp. i just replaced the speakers inside, and put a set of cooper cobra radial gt's on it. i also just aquired a rattle body kit for my gts. new paint job when i get my engine, just have to bring it to my friends dads auto shop. my car is going to be metallic white maybe? not 100% sure on color yet. i saw a cool two tone, with the body kit painted metallic black and car metallic white. maybe that one but i dunno. the things that my celica needs though... MORE CUPHOLDERS lolz
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