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Hey Everyone

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Hey Everyone I just wanted to introduce myself. I am from New Brunswick, Canada and drive a 2000 echo 5spd right now i recently had a 89 4runner and a 90 celica GT. I plan to sell the echo when I finish college and possibly buy a 7th gen Celica! Anyways this site looks awesome! thanks for reading

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Welcome to TN Ryan. Sounds like you got some good taste in cars, eh? :)
Thanks Lauren! Don't We all have good taste in cars on here!
Of course. :lol: But your previous cars were also Toys so...

yeah...hope to see ya floating around here. :)
yeah I will definatly be around.....what can I say I love them cars can't beat them for quality and reliability.....I also used to work at the dealer so it helped get me into them and learn about them. :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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