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hey everyone

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what's up? hi from Australia. just joined the forums today and what a great place this is!

currently have a Gen 3 1997 Camry V6 (Vienta) and a Gen 4 1986 Celica SX which i'll be selling soon (the Celica, not the Camry).

i've also previously owned a Gen 2 1978 Celica, although that was many years ago and can't remember much about that particular car.

i've also owned many other cars over the years, but the 86 Celica has been by far the most fun to drive, which is why i've kept it for 7 years, however, it's time to move on... and slow down a bit... hence the Camry purchase lol

look forward to contribute as much as i can considering i'm a qualified tradesman motor mechanic, although i changed careers 6 years ago.


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Welcome to the site! TN is always looking for people with great insight and advice into modding our favorite vehicle to make it different and better then everyone elses. Make sure to drop by the 2005+ Tacoma section of the forum becasue that is where I mainly post things.:D
thanks for the welcome, Dart4915. and i'll sure check out that section of the forums in the coming days.
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