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I need to ask something about my RAV4 but it said I don't have the privlage. What do I need to do
Hi as a previous owner of a Prius, I recently switch to a Rav4, this new system instead of giving a MPG rating does an Eco Score, I understand they are trying to teach better driving skills with the Eco Score and am good with that.. But at times I would like to see what my actual MPG was for a trip. I've been to literally hundreds of posts on line and not been able to find a conversion from Eco Score to MPG. Why is this so difficult, I would think a simple math equation should not be hard to find. Does anyone know how I can do this? I'm very cool with the Eco Score, but would like to view my actual MPG sometimes. Thank you if you can help, ed
1 - 5 of 5 Posts