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Hey im new!

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hey im new my name is Ryan i live in sd. i own a 98' auto corolla/prizm white with 67k with no mods or changes except side black panel was removed . looking for any info u can give me to modify the engine!! its so slow haha, and what size rims you would recommend.. to where there isnt a decrease in proformance o also.. id like to ask about my engine eating oil.. i just recently put in 2 quarts of oil due to the fact that it was low after 2 months!? tell me if u have any answers to this predicament plz
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Upgrade to a Toyota Supra Turbo, 3 Liter engine!! !

Corollas are factory designed and engineered to go slow. That is why they are so reliable. High peformance equals high wear and tear. Why do you think stock car racers rebuild their engines after every race. With repect to your 2nd question, if you do a lot of highway driving, you will burn more oil. In any event...look for oil leaks if any.
If no oil leaks are you blowing blue smoke? Are you sure the car has only done 67K?????
no blue smoke just some black every once in awhile if i really tromp on it.. other than that no oil leaks known of since i park my car in the same location everyday.. also im very positive it only has 67k.. also i realize that my car is slow and will be but im just looking to squeeze whatever hidden power i can out of the engine even if its not built for it.. im planning on getting rid of it anyways.. lol btw thx for the input
Hmmmmm, if you're gonna get rid of it anyways, NOS all the way! If you might keep it as a project car, it might be worth it to turbo or super charge it. Depending on how long you want to keep it, there are a lot of moderatly cheap upgrades that'll get you a little performance out of it. Best ways to get power without forced induction are exhaust, headers, Cold Air Intake(referred to as CAI), hi-flow catalytic converter, and if you really want power, some Type R or NOS stickers! Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but those two stickers alone could give you around 50 HP :lol:
well im not looking to roach it all the way out with nos or anything major just a few things to minor improvements to the engine for now would be nice.. if u know of any place that can get me hooked up with some of the headers, exaust, oo and definatly a cold air intake!.. oo and do tell if u know for sure what the catalatic converter will do for me.. ive been looking around but cant find a air intake that goes with my system.. plz help me out if u can and all the others im looking for stuff like that.. not nos or anything too major.. i still need to keep it for a few more years haha
anyone else have any sites i can take a look at for performance parts for a 98 prizm/ 'rolla? hit me up
Your ride still gulping oil?
umm well ill check tonight but.. yes i would believe so.. i think i might just be getting rid of it.. idk but if u can think of a way to fix the problem let me know cuz i dont wanna have to tell the buyer it eats oil... :(
There is this stuff you can add to the oil to stop it smoking and burning oil. Go to the auto shop and ask them for some!
valve cover gasket maybe? those things bust around that time usually.
all i can say is EBAY
where and the hell is the auto shop?!
well, to answer your oil consumption, its due to your timing chain cover, its leaking oil from there. at the same time, replace your water pump and serpantine belt.

1ZZ-FE cannot be a super fast engine, unless you add Super charger on it. you can try swapping in a 2ZZ-GE, but thats really costly. you can try swapping a 20V 4AGE, but that also is costly....

the cheapest to make your car fast is by supercharging it......but that costs $3000 minimum.....
So far that I know of, no one has used the Matrix/ Gen 9 Corolla 1zz-fe TRD Supercharger on a Gen 8 Corolla or Gen 7 Celica GT.
It should fit the engine, but no one wants to lay out the dough for the supercharger before seing if it can be fit in. The hood at the least would have to be modded.
oo well thank you for the info fellas looks like its back to hard labor for the supercharger haha.. gonna be awhile :eek:
ok i had dye added in my oil to see if the head gasket has a hole or a leak in it.. ill be finding out tomorrow.. if so.. do you think this could be a major problem.. or something minor with low cost to repair.. get back to me if u have any idea..
ok its in the shop getting looked at i should know today whats wrong with it
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