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hey need help with my rear dif

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hey i just bought a 1983 celica and i have run into probs with my rear dif. i have a supra parts car that's the same year and i was wondering if any of you know if a supra rear diff fits a celica's. thanx guys
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The Supra F series diff won't directly replace the Celica's T series diff.
But they do have the same rear frame rails.

Unbolt the entire Supra rear end (IRS, brakes, suspension, diff, anti sway bar).
This is called the K frame and only has 4 main bolts holding it to the chassis.
Cut off the panhard rod on the Calica and throw it away.
Drill 4 holes in the Celica frame rails to bolt the Supra K frame.
Look at the Supra to get the positions and measure VERY accurately.

Also use the Supra front brakes and master cylinder so that the Supra's rear discs form part of a matched system (rear disc has different pressure bias than rear drums).

While you're there, take the Supra's fancy seats, dash and anything else you can unbolt.
Note that Supra speedo will not suit the 4 cylinder engine.
I think even the rear lights can be transplanted.
You will wind up with essentially a Celica GT-S.

- Stepho
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