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Hey New Girl Right Here!

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Hey everyone.

Well I finally did it..sold the 95 Civic (can't believe they gave me a thing for it)...which brings me here!

Me-I'm Laurie from Maryland
Mines-2004 Toyota Camry SE
Mods-Ok, this is why I am here I know NOTHING, and believe me when I say nada about cars. I need to learn. I know that I want rims and tints for starters. I have so many questions so hopefully I won't embarass myself too much. Can't wait to learn from you all and see what I can do with my new car.
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welcome to tn, i live fairly close to the md border...well in the va/dc/md area
Hey :) Thanks for the welcome...born in Alexandria..used to live in Woodbridge. Hope to move back to NOVA.
welcome to tn got any pics?
HAHAH nice, i live in woodbridge...and i was born in alexandria...even alexandria hospital...loll
me too...same hospital :D small world.
No pics yet. I drove it off the lot and when I got home noticed there was a ding in the passenger door and a dent in the back. Don't even ask. Brand new car. I took it in to have them put leather in it and repair those problems and it's been at the shop for a week :( Hope to have it back tomorrow and then I'll have some pics.
damn problems before u get to even enjoy that sux
im sayin...

but theres some good tint shops here on route 1. the tint shoppe in woodbridge do some excellent tint jobs w/ lifetiem gaurentee, quality tire by potomac mills also do some good tint jobs...and la tire on route 1 is another good place to get tints...u might wanan check those out when gettin ur tint job done.

I planned on going to House to Dubs to check them out. I want to get all new audio too and I am sure they can hook me up with that. There's just alot I want to do and don't know where to begin.

What do those places you were mentioning charge for tints? If you know...

I hear ya...I had it 4 days then took it back and they have had it for a week..I am so not amused.
thats total bullshit right there.
$200 for 20% tints at the tint shoppe
$220 for 20% tints at quality tire, but they have a 10% coupon on there website ( )
$300 bucks for 20% reflective tints at la tint shop

those r the only rates i kno, just becuase those r the only prices i checked up on.

i THINK its 180 bucks the tint shoppe for normal 35% tints, but i dunno
Yeah I had to get a little LOUD at the dealership the other day. It wasn't pretty. Don't think I didn't let him have it...won't buy another car from them. I finally found the car I wanted, bought it, got the leather seats done and damn...had to turn it back over to the shop :p If it's not ready when I go buy's gonna get
Thanks for the prices and everything, I appreciate it.

Have you heard anything about House of Dubs on Route 1? Good? Bad?

Think I will call those places you mentioned tomorrow and see if they are open! I can't all I need is my car back.. haha
Hey there...welcome :)

I'm here to learn to, but I'm fixing up a 78 P/U (and there's a lot to do!)
Thanks littlebean. Good luck with yours!
Welcome to TN! Hope you enjoy your stay:)

The people on here have an amazing amount of knowledge. So you will have no problem getting an answer to any of your questions.

If you need information on performance related issues, try the stickies in th "Hardcore Tech" section. There is a lot of great information in those. And they are a great place to start:)

Nice to have you on. And welcome to the Camry family.
ChicaLA said:
Have you heard anything about House of Dubs on Route 1? Good? Bad?
nah i havn't heard of it...but if they got lifetime warrenty on there tints...then i dont see any reason not to get them. because if it starts to peel/turn purple and whatnot...u can always go back and bitch em out 8) ahha
I wouldn't go anywhere that refers to the as "Dubs". Dubs are for SUVs. They wouldn't look right on a car. I would check out a Discount Tire Co. They have a big selection. If there isn't one in your area, try their website. Either that or I have heard good things about But dubs doesn't sound like it would be good. And truck tires won't fit on a Camry. I know. I wanted some American Racing rims, but they only had ones made for trucks:(
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