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hi, i am (new here) owner of crashed corolla (well i geting license in its project car)

its toyota corolla 1.6 si
engine 4A-FE 114hp (stock)

some small mods
dual anso exhaust

tinted rear windows

and some more

future mods are:
get fixed :p
lowered 40mm (got jamex springs)
"16 rims
neons inside and outside
than i changing all audio system
pioneer head unit
180w pioneer at front
330w 6x9 pioneer at rear
than i thinking about 2 audiobahn subwoofers "12 1000w each

and thats all i think..

what you thnk?
any suggestions..questions..feel free to post

TN's SRT-4
2005 Dodge Neon SRT4
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Welcome to TN. :) That's a nice ride you got there. Can't wait to see the car after that small scratch is buffed out. :D
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