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I'm DonnaJF.
I have a 2002 Prius. 277,000+ miles
I've beat the hell out of it for almost that long.
It's an amazing vehicle! But, there's a problem.

My car . . .

I've had this problem for years. It is completely random. The car starts fine - perfect - every time. But - in the start up phase, stage, mode, whatever, within 6 - 8 seconds it will stall. It can never be replicated, because there is nothing that is a constant that precipitates it. It could start and run great for 3 months - no problem. Or, it could start and stall after I have just driven it to the supermarket. It seems like the "uptick" in RPMs doesn't grab, take, engage, whatever. If I step on the brake sometimes it will do the uptick and that seems to make it stay on. Is it a vacuum problem? Maybe a defective switch that turns on the vacuum pump that gets stuck?

If you figure this out, you're my new mechanic.

Thanks, DonnaJF

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Hello, Donna, welcome to Toyota Nation! :hi:

Nice to see someone who's honest that they beat the crap out of their car...:lol: Anyway, I'll move your thread over to the Prius forum so the other members there can help you out. I'll also rename your thread to reflect your issue.
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