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1993 Toyota SR5 4x4
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My name is Phil, I live near Montreal in Canada.
I used to own a 1984 Corolla 4 dr. (which my uncle still drives) and a 1993 Xtracab 4X4 pickup with the 22RE engine.

I currently have a 1990 Xtracab 4X4 4 cyl pickup and a 1993 Xtracab 4X4 SR5 V6.

Here's the '84 Corolla

My former 1993 DX 4cyl pickup

My current 1993 SR5 pickup (on the right), the rusted 1989 on the left belongs to a good friend of mine. I just reinstalled the aluminium rims and removed the Leer cap from it but I don't have pics of it. It's loaded with most options including every power option, working cruise and A/C and it's got a 5 speed tranny.

My 1990 4cyl Xtracab pickup

the 1990 and 1993
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