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hi from mycressida

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Im from northern illinois and i got my cressida after my camry and ranger both were crippled sequentially, and sold. the rangers in a junkyard somewhere in town. the camry, despite being sandwiched, is still being passed around college students around town. my cressida is in fairly good shape for its age in general, but things havent been taken care of by previous owners are catching up with it...few rust spots on fenders, shocks, belts, seals, etc etc. its overdue for a rebuild i cant afford, so i guess i'll just keep adding oil :p. so far ive put a new radiator, rear shocks, plugs exhaust (still quiet...and 6 months old and leaking already, bastards shoddy work) 5 new tires, battery, wipers, plugs, and some misc other things that have broken. it still pulls strong though and isnt going to fall apart too soon. cressidas really do last forever even when abused horribly.
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YES THEY DO. I'm a major Cressida nut (have an '84 that my grandfather bought new and gave it to my father for me to drive when I'm old enough) My grandpa says it's was the best car he ever owned. Never gave him trouble at all for the 20 years he owned it, and runs strong to this day. Body is in impeccable shape, new paint job, NO RUST, and it's interior is in great shape.

Hope you get your Cressida's problems all sorted out. BTW, the picture in my sig isn't my Cressida, though I'll see if I can post up a picture.
gee, dont i know you from somewhere??? :p

i think mine was someones ghettotastic pimpmobile that wasnt taken care of for **** and they left it on the side of the road to be towed and auctioned off to the dealer i bought it from.....anyway, its doing much better since coming into my car. when i got it it maxed out at 90 because it was SO well taken care of. since then its been tested over 100 iwth power to spare. no racing tho. itd need a LOT of work before that.
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