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VW nut with a Toyota
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Hi thought I would say hello...

Personally I a VW nut... And no, not new dubs but old Dubs.. mostly type I (beetles)
A few info on my current Projects....
'66 Deluxe Beetle... My daily driver
'61 Convertible Beetle in process of total restoration (for my oldest sons upcoming wedding gift)...
'57 European Spec Deluxe Ragtop Beetle waiting in the wings...

Don't like rust so I pick my cars very carefully... not a one has a spot of Midwestern rot... So why Am I on Toyota forum?

Well that's easy.. My neighbor has had a 1991 Celica GT-S... have been sitting here for the last 2 years I watched it sit... then sit a little longer and then sit even longer as I slowly watch it take for the tires to go flat over the last winter. So I finally saw this mysterious person about a month ago..

Never talked to him before.. turns out he works for the government AKA: Every time I talk to him he tells me he's a spy (joking) and does overseeing of decommissioning sensitive materials and hardware's for customers like... the CIA... DOD, Navy, Army, Marines and all the yada yadad yada...

By the end of the conversation I have come to find that he is and was the sole owner of this loaded, Black, Celica '92 GTS since day 1. Came with a pile of records from his original purchase and every receipt until he retired it, parked it and left it to rot on his driveways side concrete pad.

So we talked & to make a long story short... I offered him $300... was in need of a good winter beater and the wifey thinks its kinda cute so I know she will drive it and a $300? why not...

Along it life according the records it on its 3rd motor... all were done thru the Toy dealer always and as far as the body goes... hell I've seen 7 year old cars here in the Midwest suffering from salt rot and decay but considering its 451,000 +/- odometer (last long block was installed by Toyota dealer and went in @ 422,158 Mi. so 30,000k on the current motor) this one is actually in extremely good shape (after I power washed all of the 1/4" of oak grunge, walnuts, 3 hornets nests and etc...) and runs like well oiled top...

Well that's its story no reason need to bore you... I will of course have a few questions vey soon..

Either way HI!


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Welcome to the nation, Gene! Being a VW nut is just fine with us, everybody is welcome here. :chug: There's a lot of Celica enthusiasts in that forum who'll be able to help you out with any maintenance issues you may have. Any questions about the forums, just ask....:thumbsup:

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Hi Gene, welcome to TN! :cool:

Great introduction! Sounds like you picked up the Celica for a very good price. Looks like you've been making good use of the forums so far which is great to see :)

Happy motoring! :thumbsup:
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