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Hi... from Toronto, ON!

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Hi Everyone!

Being a car forum, let me get to the important details about me: I am a car enthusiast through and through. I eat, sleep, breathe cars and I'm blessed with the job title of Automotive Research Analyst! :thumbsup:

My first car was a Gen2 1992 Camry LE (in super white) which I bought in March 2002 off my grandfather (he owned it from new). I still have that car to this day, and have accumulated a grand total of ONLY 203,000 kms on it!

Lucky me, I've just recently acquired a Gen5 "loaded" 2002 Camry XLE (in Champaigne Pearl metallic) from my in-laws! So now I'm faced with the sad obligation to sell my Gen2. So, any southwestern Ontarion looking for a Japanese built Gen2 Camry??? :naughty:

I've used the information on this forum so many times I realized I should just sign up! I'm looking forward to sharing what I know and learning from all you experts on this site!

Cheers! :chug:
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Welcome to the forum! As you may already know, we have a Car For Sale Section. List your vehicle there. who knows, someone here may want it.
Glad to have you aboard!!!
Glad you decided to join Toyota Nation, pipenut! TN is pretty can't go wrong....:D


Thanks for the welcome! And I appreciate the heads-up about the classified section... I'll be sure to check it out! There is just so much on here I could spend days... :)
Welcome fellow Canucker. I just joined myself.:clap:
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