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hey guys! Well, i recently wrecked my old VW GTi, and in a stroke of luck, i got my hands on an old 1987 supra turbo for 1300 bucks. now mind you, it needs work, which is why i'm here tonight. however, i do have to tell you, i love this car already, and cant wait to really drive with it when it gets back from my mechanic. so the kid that owned the car before me messed a few of the parts up, and i'm in desperate need of two hard-to-find parts. if anyone knows where ican get them, or if anyone is actually selling them, i'd love to know so i can get this car fixed as soon as possible.
here's what i neeed

a driver's side exterior door handle (the door handle mount trim cracked, and now i can't open the driver's side door from the outside...)

a Radiator fan shroud for the big fan between the radiator and the engine.

If anyone could help me, i'd be most appreciative!

also, if anyone has any tips or things to look out for on my new car, i'd love to hear from you!
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