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OK so my wife was given a 2003 camry to her by her dad since he bought a new car but he put the battery on backwards:facepalm:. So what has been going on is a solid check engine light and the car will not rev pass 1600 rpm. I have tried to reset the ecu by tapping the battery terminals together after disconnecting them and i have also completely disconnected the battery for more than 20 minutes. All in all i have not been able to get the car to accelerate it starts fine but the idle does somewhat fluctuate when hitting the petal since it goes up 600rpm. I have checked all the fused and had to replace the 100 amp fuse that is for the starter and a 20 amp fuse under the dash labeled radio 2. :eek:

Does anyone know what i can do to get the car back to normal again.

There are no burned wires or melted wires since the battery was only connected wrong for a split second but something is not right and im hoping that its as easy as resetting something but i have a feeling its not.

Thank you for helping.
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