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I am glad there is sites like this that help people to get on the right rack, A little about my car, I have a 01 Camry 4cylinder with a 50 wet shot of nos, cold air intake, ported intake manifold, throttlebody water lines removed to reduce air intake temp, ported and polished head with a 3 angle valve job with new seals, racing style radiator coolant to reduce engine temp(barley even noticeable), strut tower brace, 18" light weight racing rims, clear corners and tail lights, 2 orion 15" subs and Mmats amp, MB Quart Mids/Highs (great sounding and good pricing thanx to eBay!!) I am currently thinking about turbocharging the car as soon as can get the parts together.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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