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Hi im new!

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Me-Jeremie Feliciano North Hollywood CALIFORNIA
Mine-ACURA RSX/Supra 89
MODS-Ehhh its all stock... but thats not what im here for. Im here cuz my dad's got a 89 Supra... hes gonna let me have it if i overhaul it. yea its as good as mine. i hope. I came here for suggestions and questions on how i should go about this. I know i wanna turbo it since its not turbo. and still deciding if i needa make it stick from its automatic transmission. i know nothing about cars and i need help on this project. my magic 8 ball sez outlook is good. heh i hope... alright someone post me some suggestions here and ill check back
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Welcome to TN :D

If you wanna have it switched to a 5spd turbo.... depending on how many miles are on the engine... you may wanna go with a 5spd 7mgte swap.

You should come out the the SoCal meet this saturday just for shits and giggles...

It's at Sonic in Anaheim at 6:00pm.

get ready to blow headgaskets, Supras are notorious for this...

also, i dont see anything wrong with an auto tranny...

a tranny swap shouldnt really be 1st on your list of mods, seeing as it's really expensive..

but if you have money, and are swapping out the engine, you might as well, but once again, not good for a 1st mod...
okay so i read that thing about the meet a lil too late lol... plus i had work so bleh okay see ya... wait i got a question... anyone have a guess on how much it would be to get the engine overhauled?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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