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Hi, new to this site

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HI all,

Thank you for hosting this site!

I have a 1998 Sienna, but considering buying a newer model as some of the repair costs on the Sienna are causing me concern. :confused:

I'll go to the appropriate board to post my questions and concerns.

thanks again,
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Welcome to Toyota Nation, ToyotaFann! Lots of info here to help you research your new vehicle.

:welcome: :thumbsup:

Hi all,

I tried out a 2009 Rav4 Limited yesterday..this is a really nice car! 4 cylinder, I wantto try a 6 cyl. next.

Our dealer also had a 2006 Lexus 250, Wow PRETTY... it was all locked up in the used showroom.... If I did not need a larger vehicle I sure would take a close look at it.

The new Sienna's looked great and I want to try those out.

I don't know.......all of them were so nice. Making a decision on which model to purchase is going keep me looking all summer, for sure.
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