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Hi There

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New to this site.

Proud owner of a '99 Solara SLE (everything except the side air-bags) (now my wife's car) with 189k on it and a whole bunch on dings and scrapes (sigh) and a brand new '06 Avalon XLS. (no nav system) (mineminemine!)

Wife used to drive a '97 Tacoma Extended Cab 4-banger, which was totaled by an uninsured driver who ran a stop sign going around 60. The truck was hit in the rear of the bed on the driver side and rolled into a field. She walked away with one scratch from climbing out of the cab. Very grateful she's still with me, bummed because the truck only had 130k miles and probably would have gone for another 150-200k with regular maintenance.

Looked at a new used '04 truck, and an '06 Solara SLE Convertible, as well as the '06 Avalon. The wife wouldn't let me buy the Solara (too impractical?) but was fine with me spending more on the Avalon. (She rocks, go figure!)


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