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I haven't been online for about 4 months as my camry was totaled by some old lady in a Honda CRV. she was reversing out and .... Bang she hit my car in the rear and completly totaled it so i got what i could off it and am looking at getting a new camry :eek:

i think old people (no offence) when they reach a certain age should have to take a refresher course as i think the CRV was a bit to big for her
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I used to drive a camry and some old lady hit me from behind too, she didnt even press her brakes. After everything was said and done, the cop lets her drive away without checking to see if she is able to drive, she was swurving on the other side of the road when she was leaving, just another wreck waiting to happen
Another one affected by the famous TN camry curse.
What is it with the camry, and gettin hit :lol:
Welcome to TN, And sorry to hear about the CAM!

Good luck with the new one if you get it.

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