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Hi Guys,

I live in Qatar, Middle East. I own a 2007 Camry for almost 3 years now. It came with stock halogen headlights with halogen bulbs when i got it..
More than a year back i fitted Chinese HID kit which i got on eBay for like 20 dollars.
Later i realized that it was not a good idea to fit HIDs in my stock halogen projectors. There was not cutoff AT ALL. also the light was not that bright. Still it was brighter that the stock halogens which i had earlier.
I got 4300k bulbs with 55W ballast that time. One ballast died about 10 days back. Other ballast and the two bulbs are working fine until now.

Over time my stock headlights turned yellow. Hence a week back i went out and got a pair of new Aftermarket headlights. I guess these have HID projectors, not sure though. It has clear lenses. I installed the Chinese

kit which i had earlier in this new headlights. The cut off is now sharp with nice blue color on top of cutoff line.
Now i want to update my HID kit to something better which has even more brightness.
This new headlights accepts H7 for the low beams(Projectors).

I am looking for 4300K with 55W Ballasts

I searched on internet and found very positive review on the Kensun KID kit. I m thinking of buying these but before that i want the views of you experts on this.

Shall i get Kensun HID kit or do you suggest something else? My current budget is around 100 USD. I can exceed this a for a really good HID kit.
The main thing that i looking in my kit is for brightness and distance the beam can travel

I have posted a video below with Chinese HID kit in stock vs new headlights



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thanks for your reply..

this seems to be a complete retrofit.. What I am looking for is just the bulbs and ballasts
That is correct. I see that you replaced your OEM with aftermarket lights and you weren't sure if they had HID projectors or not. There are very cheap HID projectors that are mostly used in aftermarket complete headlights and they aren't very good.
Can you post a link to the headlights you purchased?
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