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HID question

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Hello all, new to the forum... own a silver '01 ES300 :)

I want to install an HID kit on it, but want to know if it will take away the really nice auto-delay off feature?

Thanks for your input
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no it wont, but im guessing you dont have the factory option hid in your 01.... youd need to get the optional 01 hid headlights b/c if you put hid in your current headlights the beam pattern will be way off and youll have lots of glare
Are you sure that you don't have them?.... cause even though they was an option majority of the ES's came with the HID option.

They are not Projectors, but HID multireflectors so it sooks like regular headlmaps

I'm with HoeBag, get the factory one, it is autoleveling, and if you want you can get the VVT windshield wipers, that come on automatically when it starts to rain.

I have the factory HIDs take a look, also an 01
That's an 01? My bodystyle is the one previous to that. I did notice the difference in headlight housings in the 00-01's. I've been looking hard all over to find the HID ones, and no, mine didn't come with HID's. I bought mine CPO, seems like all the ones that aren't for sale have HID's ;)

I did consider going to the dealer and getting quoted on a full switch on the headlights, but I have a feeling that it'll cost more than 10% of what I bought the car for. Any idea what that might cost?
oops.. sorry you know what I was talking to someone while I was posting... and didn't realize, but yeah go with the factory upgrade, it still has the auto leveling. Or find an 00 model in the junkyard, it came standard with HIDs as standard headlamps with the first series of 00 models, the later half had HIDs as an option so your better off that way
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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