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hifnoics amps

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What do you guys think of Hifonics amps? I see it around a lot, and it seems pretty good for the price. Did anybody hear it before? or hear of any problems with it?

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Hifonics amps are godly my friend if you can afford it they are hard to beat as far as power is concerned. There are very few amps that can match them and even fewer if any that can beat them. I have been in the stereo game a long time and they are incredible... Hope that helpslong
They're not bad.

Phoenix Gold Trantrum 1200.1 isn't a bad amp (in comparison to the Brutus 500bd).
I need your opinions guys, should i stick with my rockford 1500bd or should i sell it and go with the hifonics 1500.. Remember the rockford amps put out more than what they say....
I dont know if you guys know or not but amplifiers are now cecsa 2006 certified. Because companies quote power and thd with no remorse the consumer bureau found a better way to actually rate and certify amps. Not every company is willing to put that risk to their product. But I'm not sure if Hifonics puts the product on the market certified in this way.
Hifonics are underated as well as PG. You will not notice much difference going from Rockford to Hifonics, now if you said Rockford to Zapco or Tru or Arc, then that would be a different story.
Zapco is out of my price range. I'm an audio fanatic, but on a budget.
I was just asking about hifonics amps because they are cheap. I didnt want to end up buying hifonics amps and it turns out theyre crap like those boss, legacy or pyramid amps (1000 watts rms for $150).

thanks for the feedback

ps. how do you know if the products are certified or not?
it comes with a certificate. If it doesn't say it's been certified be weary. Most good name brands have them. But you'll see a certificate and the actual person who tested it
I mean, how do you know before you buy it? Is there a website or anything that i can check to see what brands/models are certified?
If you go to websites from a company they will tell you whether or not they are. But if you are interested in good amps which are gonna be the new competition beast, check JBL. JBL now merged with a company called Crown. Crown makes some of the most powerful amps in the world as far as concert a high powered live stage equipment. Some of Crowns amps get powered by generators. Now they applied to car audio.... Right now I believe JBL has the most powerful and cleaness amp on the market. 6,000rms power. 11,000 watts peak. Able handle loads under 1-ohm. And still keeps a 0.2% THD. Now that is a friggin amp.
Yeah, i seen that amp before. Too bad it costs over 2 grand. Youre gonna have to do some expensive/extensive mods to your car to accommodate for that current draw...couple batteries, alternators, I/O power/ground/speaker wires, etc
you now whats funny the amp is so efficient it's ridicoulus. U probably would just have to change the alt and battery and just run your system with a seperate battery. That amp is so good it's unbelievable. Matter of fact there was test on it and actually gives closer to 7,500 watts of Rms power!!! You sure it was a 2 grand. Cause when I checked out at a warehouse distibutor you pay a $1 a watt. The damn thing the retails at $6,000.00 usd. The warehouse distrubutor said he won't even buy them cause would only get it for about $3800.00 usd.
Ok...back to reality, Hifonics makes so good raw power amps, many people use em, they are definitely better than the legacy, audiobahn crap, but like I said you will not notice a difference with your current amp or this one unless you up the wattage.
If I were to get another amp, I would definately up the wattage so that I can finally get my ID Max.

(but if I were to keep the same amp, what is better? a 12" IDQ v.2 or a 12" infinity perfect?)
When you say up the wattage, u mean upgraded alt and extra battery..right? By the way where can you get a higher amp alt for a camry..
oibone what year is your car and what size alt do you need 180 or 200amp? Up the wattage meaning a larger amp.

between the IDQ and perfect either way, but save your money and get the ID Max, if you are looking for one, I have one sittin in my garage.
Here is a guy that test benche a 1500D

"now... to finally settle the questions about where the brutus bx1500d sits in terms of power output.

1172 rms at 12.5 volts at 1 ohm with 126A current draw.

will it hit 1500 rms at 13.8? i don't know. but with 126A of current draw to pull 1172w out of this amp it doesn't matter to me. lol. i don't have the big 3 done."
That's a big current draw. 128 amps damn. That's not that great.
What can the stock alternator produce? 80 amps? And, at about what wattage (rms) will you need to upgrade your alternator?
Well lets say your stock alt is 100amp, and you add a 500 watt amp, that is an additional 50amps of current required, so you would need a 150amp alt. The stock amp is already supplying the need of what the car has. So basically add up your current draw and add it to the stock alt, this will give you a ballpark requirement of what alt you will need. the largest factory replacement you can get is a 200amp, anything bigger will be a larger case and may need to minor modifications.
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