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High-accuracy Tyre Gauge, tire pressure gauge TR-3205A, Red, White, Black

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Model: AT11TGG205
Weight: 350 g

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At a glance

Name High-accuracy Tyre Gauge TR-3205A
Brand TYPE-R Œa famous brand in Taiwan
Dimension 10cm*5cm
Mini tyre gauge which is convenient to bring and operate. it tests accurately. it can work with all cars.


Durable. it has plastic jacket to protect it
Accurate measurement
Marked with LBS and KBS
Most cars are between 28-35LBS (28-35LBS/SQ.IN)
Longer plastic pipe


Screw off the knot of tyre valve
Fix the copper head of the gauge to the valve
Then the device will show the pressure
Add gas when pressure is slow or vice versa.
After the measurement, screw off the copper head and press the air bleeder to make the indicator to 0. screw up the valve of the tyre.


Measurement should be once a month
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