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So I was tossing around ideas of things I could do to my car and I was wondering if this would work/be possible?

I want to conver my high beams on my 92' (since I never use them) to 9005 (the same as the low beams). Maybe change the color of the bulb or something. Give it a different look, and be able to have more light on the road at once (Love to be safe).

Does anyone know if it would be possible to conver the high beams to low beams?

Could I just slice the wires and connect the a standard connector for the low beams, or would there be more involved?

Thanks for the help.

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Ellipsoid headlights produce a yellowish pattern of light on the ground. We
all agree that more light is needed. Even $400usd for the HID upgrade is a
lot of money. But some people found out that the 9005 bulbs can be modified to fit the 9006 sockets of the Toyota Camry.

This works only on ellipsoid.

I have experimented with the Sylvania Cool Blue 65W 9005 ($12usd ea.), Pilot Greenish blue somethings 65W 9005 ($20usd ea.), GE Blue Vision 65W 9005 ($12usd ea.) and the latest, Sylvania Silverstar 65W 9005 ($29usd ea.) and was really happy with the brighter light across the board.

Hands down, Sylvania Silverstar 65W 9005's are the best, the brightest, the
longest lasting (I've had mine in for two years now) and the whitest.

Why I'm using a 9005 bulb: 9005 bulbs are 65W and are not capped at the end, 9006 bulbs are 55W and have a cap at the end. The light increase is from the increase in lumens from the 9005 bulb. A 9005 bulb has 70% more lumens than the 9006 (1700 lumens vs 1000 lumens). HID has
3200 lumens. You have to slightly modify the 9005 bulb to fit the 9006 socket.

*File or chisel tools, Sharp knife, blade, soldering iron or Dremel like tool.
*2 x 9005 bulbs.
*Protective glasses and gloves (you don't want to lose a finger or an eye). :p

1. Remove 3mm of plastic from the left of the center of top tab when the
socket is pointing down until you have 5-6mm of plastic left.

2. Remove the two guides inside the socket. Install 1 new O'ring from the
old 9006 bulb on the new modified 9005 bulb to ensure a tight fit.

3. Install the bulbs in your car and have your light adjusted if not

It is also possable to modify the harness on the car... but I don't recomend
it. I've seen way too many afm harnesses melt or worse melt the fuse box. On the Gen3 (1992-1996) Toyota Camry both the high beam and low beam harnesses are designed to carry a max load of 65wats safely
from the camry faq

oh and you got it backwards, 9006 is low beam bulb...

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Oh thanks! Yeah, my manual doesn't say which is which. I just had to guess. That didn't pull up in my search:eek: Thanks Nick.
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