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High Beam Low beam swap

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Yesterday I got the idea when I saw my bro's rewired '90 Integra foglight (ones on the inside of the headlight). I thought they looked cool when they were on and the headlight weren't. So I went and switched my low beams and high beams. I know someone on here took out the low beams and just had in the highs so that just the highs would come on instead of both when the high beam is switched on. I had to sand with a dremel around where the high beam bulb goes in so that the low beam bulb could fit. Then I just had to tweak the metal parts that lock the bulb in so that they would fit correct. I like the way it looks and I know the beam of light is different but I still have very good visibility since I usually drive with my low beams and aftermarket driving lights. I'll post pics tomorrow.
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what happend? you swaped cables for the high and low beam bulbs with respective bubls ....... if thats the case your gona blind everyone that gets in front of you. also if you read the faq you could of learn how to mod the bubls and not the housing.
I switch the bulbs. In other words high in low and low in high. I just came of the road and no one along the whole way no one flashed me and if it was a prob believe me I would get flashed here in Belize because drivers here are soo filled with road rage. I didn't do it to get more light or anything, I did it for the look.
i gotta see pics of that, man... ive been trying to figure out if this is a good idea to do. try to get some driver's view pics too
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