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5Sfte said:
It's not worth it without a cat-back exhaust or better.
At cat-back isn't worth it, period.

They will have them. Just search your vehicle. And like everyone said, it's not really worth it without the power.

You could just as easy remove your cat, gut it, and put it back.

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yup i want to keep it legal, i do have emissions. cops are cracking down about load exhausts last thing i want is to get busted with a hollowed out cat. i was looking at random tech like you told me, i found a universal one 2-3inch pipe it will take, im thinkin about installing that.

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i bought it for like 60 bucks shipped and its still brand new in the plastic so ill sell it for 55 bucks shipped. if thats cool, lemme know through PM and we can set it up... im not gonna put up an ebay auction, cause that costs money. BUT i do have paypal, and you can pay me on there. ill give you that info in the PM if you want to do that...
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