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High Mileage Highlander

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Call me crazy but I'm looking for a high mileage Highlander. I already own a '92 Corolla wagon and the thing has run like a top for more than 180k. Not the coolest ride, but it's never, EVER given me a problem. Just moved to a very hilly neighborhood. Figure a high mileage (75k+) 2001 4WD, V6 Highlander would be ideal. Plus, it's all I can afford right now. Please don't recommend any sites where dealers post overpriced "certified, pre-owned" cars.
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I would say its a good buy. Just amke sure it has been maintained well and find out if the water pump and timing belt have been replaced. Also, change all fluids and filters and that highlander will run like new. Oh, also dont overpay for it.
why don't u look on autotrader or ebay?
thanks gang. i will check ebay, but already been on autotrader. 99% of ads seemed to be from dealers and seemed to be high compared to blue book value so i figured they're not such great deals.
Dealers are high priced and you also have to pay tax! But if you are going to buy from a dealer try looking for lower mileage highpanders at a price you want to pay. I wouldnt pay over $19500 for a 2001 or 2002 highlander V6 with or around 75k miles
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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