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High Revs...Help Pls.

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Hi All.

A couple of days ago, I had yet another starting problem. I found the cause...distributor cap had a small crack and one terminal completely burt out. I managed to bend the remaining bit of the burnt out terminal just enough to get the engine to start.

I had to order in a new dis cap and rotor and I replaced the dis cap and rotor button today. Now, with the new dis cap and new rotor the engine is idling at 1800 rpm. I swapped the cap back to the old one and the revs went back to normal...

Actually, I think I might have just thought of the cause. But I would still be interested in any suggestions of what might be causing this high revs...I just thought, maybe the last owner simply adjusted the timimg to compensate for the faulty dis cap?

I have not owned a timing light for (without revealing my age) almost 30 years...and from what I can tell a static time is not possible on the RAV. So before I fork out another $100 on a new timing light, could there be another cause of high revs by just replacing the dis cap?

Thanks in advance :)

EDIT: Sorry...It's a 1995 with the 3SFE engine :)
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Putting the old dis cap back on must have been just a coincidence...Cos today I did it again and the problem remains!

Idle is sitting on 1800rpm...steady as a rock!

I have checked the timing and it is NOT the cause. I did a static time (which I must say did not need any adjustment..looked pretty well perfect!) and then went to a friendly mechanic and "borrowed" a timing light - Thank you Bill - which confirmed the timing is right...So you can static time a 3SFE !!

I am now wondering about the idle control valve. As I stated in an other thread, the ICV has been replaced. But I did check the new one anyway and it seems to be OK.

Any suggestions?? :)

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Im not sure what the cause of your problem is, sorry. I have the oppisite problem with my 1997 Rav4. It idles real low and stops running, it also is hard to start. Any ideas?
I think I have found the cause of my problems. I will have to drive it for a few days to find out.

Low revs could be caused by a number of things...Spark plugs or leads, dissy cap, fuel leak or filter blocked. Vacuum leak or faulty injectors.
Thanks Oz. I have replaced the plugs. I have a new cap and rotor, so I will try that first. If that dont work I will move on to the vacuum leak and pray its not a injector or fuel filter issue. I will let everybody know. TIA :thumbsup:
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