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Highlander Limted - Hatch Not Closing

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Hi all,

I have a Highlander 2020 Limited. The issue that I have having is the hatch door is not closing when I press the button on my reomte.

The hatch will start to close and attempts to close but then it pop back out and the latching will not lock onto the stryker and stay close. But the latch will lock onto the stryker if I hold the hatch down...

It was working for a couple times after we brought it home but it stops working since then.

Dealership wanted to tear apart the hatch and replace the latch but they are not sure if this would fix the issue.

Has anyone experience similar issue with hatch door?

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Take to a dealer with a good service department. I go to an official Toyota service only site that is a part of a huge dealer. The better service places will know what to do or be able to deal with rather than just guessing.

Mine did not latch once either. But knock on is fine.

As a total off the wall guess, it may be calibrated wrong. There is a procedure for that.
The dealership that I took my car to is a pretty big one. Scary that they cannot assure me that replacing the latch will fix the issue. They also said that they would file a Toyota TAC case to determine the failure.
Question that I have is why was it working for couple of times and then stopped....
If the hatch opening, itself, is not aligned properly then the door will not latch. Even being on an uneven surface can bend the body enough to keep the hatch from closing. It’s probably hard to tell whether this is happening until it is tested.
The dealership hooked up to a machine and ran diagnostics and all seems to be aligned. This was the confusing part for the technician. He didn't know what's going on since results were all in order. So he recommended that he would replace the latch and see if this would fix the issue.

Could it be possible that the latch is bad?
Anything is possible. Thinking about it though, your car is under warranty. They just have to fix it. No need to actually think anything. As long as the problem occurs they need to deal with it.
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It sounds like they are taking the usual service approach of not wanting to spend/waste a lot of time trying to diagnose a problem but rather to replace things to see what works.
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