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Highlander New B

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Whats crackin Toyota Nation,

I am a New B here and a proud owner of a 2005 HL with a V6. I will have picture posted up soon. Right now I am working on putting in a aftermarket system in place of the JBL system. I am doing it my self and I have ran in to a little problem.

I am replacing the Head unit with a Alpine. I have connected everything right with the power wires and RCA inputs but I get a buzzing sound when the unit is on and a wyning sound when the engine in running and when I step on the gas.

The other problem i ran into is replacing the speakers. I tried to replace the drivers side first and tested it but there is no noise coming out of it.

Your help is appreciated
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Check your ground wire.making sure it has contact with metal and not paint, plastic or ruber. Maybe use a different location for grounding. If that doesn't cure it, you may have to use resistor type spark plugs.
As far as speakers, all I can say from here is recheck the wiring.
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Welcome to the forums! Come on over to the 01-07 Highlander forum and check it out...we're glad to have you with us....


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