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Hilux issue

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94 Toyota Hilux 22R-E, 5sp manual
Red regular cab
Okay so a few nights ago I was driving home and 3 blocks from my new place the truck lost power, the ecl fllashed and then truck shut down! A few guys coming out of the circle k helped me push her out of the road and into the parking lot.
i checked the ecl for codes using the old school jumper in the diagnostic port, no codes came out.
i checked for spark (pulled plug, grounded plug then hooked to wire). Spark is present!
sprayed starting fluid into throttle body, tried starting, NO START!
checked fuel pump (jumped +B to Fp), I hear the hum of the pump and pressure build up in the line.
Checked all fuses, fuses are good.
Not sure why she won't start, cranks and cranks but won't turn over!
any help, I've read many posts, been researching for 4 days and nights now. Thanks in advanced!
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Also I checked the radiator to see the color of the fluid, it still clean and not muddy or dirty in the slightest. The truck didn't overheat, so it's not a head gasket issue.
Are you check mass sensor..?.this part control air flow and gas . Try this.
Yeah I tried that, I also checked the crankshaft position sensor
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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