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i was online looking to get my family a new car (not my personal car), we had 2 rav4 s already and is looking for a new car

filled up an online form,
and this happened

"Good Afternoon xxxx,
By way of introduction my name is Craig Hughes, please accept my apologizes for my tardiness. As promised I have enclosed a full detail quote for you on the 2014 Rav 4 LE AWD with the Upgrade Package. I am available this evening as previously stated at 5:45 or 7:30 , please let me know which time is more convenient for a test drive. I can be reached directly at the extension mentioned below. Look forward to hearing from you."

the next day:

"Good Afternoon xxxx,
I trust you have had the opportunity to review the quote I sent you yesterday, outside of price is there any other information I can assist you with? Look forward to your response."

my response:
"i am not interested in leasing, i am doing a cash buy
any change in your price?"

his reply:

"Please review the enclosed cash quote. I am available tonight for a test drive what time fits your schedule?"

subsequently i received 3 emails telling me to come in for test drives which is all good

my response to him:
it's not me that is buying the car, i am asking for my family
i have to coordinate with them first"

then i received another 3 emails over the days to tell me to come in for test drives

i simply told him that my family wants a change and doesn't want to get a new rav4 cuz older generation people wants smaller car and the Rav4 has gotten wider which is a good thing but they don't want it

his response:

"If your family does not like the Rav 4 , why did you ask me to invest the time in pricing out the Rav 4?"

first of all i didn't contact him in the first place i simply filled out an online form to see what type of promotion i can get

after getting that email i responded to him:
"they are driving a rav 4 now they have a rav 4 for their previous car, they are looking into changing a new car, and the obvious choice is a new rav4
i simply asked you to give me a quote that only takes about 2 minutes
if that's a problem i can post this all up in a toyota forum to see if your type of customer service is appreciated by the general as a whole and if your company appreciate your response to my email
i am very disappointed in your email response and also very upset at how you handle potential customer
i would really like to see if your type of pushy sales tactics and if you don't buy get your butt out of my face type of attitude get you anywhere"

his final response is even better...
"Well I do appreciate your comment. My success speaks for itself, as I am one of the top performers for Toyota Canada both in sales and customer service. As a consumer myself I respect people’s time. With that being said have yourself an wonderful day."

if his type of customer service is number 1.... i would rate him number one for loosing future customer..

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HUH? Why not get your ass into the dealership, pick out a vehicle, and hash it out like everyone else does? I don't get this post at all.......What is the point here?

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I also don't understand your complaint. He gave you the quotes and offered to meet for test drives. Seems like very good customer service.

Email and online forms might be good for first contact maybe. But after that, it seems like a phone call to further explain things would have been better for you since you had other factors. Too easy to get the wrong impression on emails only. Give him a call and see if you can sort it out.
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