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Toyota bB [Scion xB/Daihatsu Materia/Toyota Corolla Rumion]​

Year 2000: 1st Generation TOYOTA bB

TOYOTA bB special model "Open Deck"

Year 2003: 1st Generation SCION xB (the same car as Toyota bB with Scion emblems)

December 2005: 2nd Generation TOYOTA bB

May 2006: 1st Generation Daihatsu COO

February 2007: The 1st Generation from the "MATERIA" launches 3./4. March 2007

January 2007: The new SCION xB (2nd Generation)

October 2007: The new TOYOTA Corolla Rumion (the same as SCION xB 2nd Generation)

so.. i hope i have answer some questions.. :thumbsup:

greetings.. Tuned


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Sold as the Materia in UK. Rarely seen as didn't sell wellbut I think it is beautiful looking car. It has what I think of as the "Tokyo" look and I love it!:thumbsup:
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