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1983 - Introduced as replacement for Corona.

1983 - 1994 - Among "Best Buys" by Consumers Digest.

1985 - Rated "Most Trouble-Free Car in America" by Consumer's Digest.

1987 - 2nd generation introduced.

1987 - All Camrys powered by 2.0L DOHC engines.

1987 - Introduction of All-Trac to Camry line.

1987 - Introduction of Camry Wagon.

1987 - During CY 1987 - Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Inc. (TMM) announced.

1988 - First year of U.S.-built Camrys.

1988 - V-6 added to Camry line.

1988-1990 - Rated "Most Trouble-Free Compact Car" by Consumer's Digest.

1990 - CY 1990 - Wins Family Circle "Family Car of the Year".

1990 - CY 1990 - TMM receives J.D. Power Gold Plant Award.

1990 - Named "Best in Class" in Initial Quality by J.D. Power & Associates.

1990 - Among "Top Ten Models in Initial Quality" J.D. Power & Associates.

1991 - CY 1991 - TMM receives J.D. Power Silver Plant Award.

1991 - Among "Top Ten Models in Initial Quality" J.D. Power & Associates.

1992 - 3rd generation introduced.

1992 - CY 1992 - Wins Family Circle "Family Car of the Year".

1992 - New Camry moves to "mid-size" classification.

1992 - Among "Top Ten Models in Initial Quality" J.D. Power & Associates.

1992 - Among "Ten Best Cars" by Car and Driver.

1992 - "Import Car of the Year" by Automundo Magazine.

1992-1993 - CY 1992-1993 - Camry ranks in Top-10 in Initial Quality, J.D. Power.

1993 - Coupe model introduced.

1993 - CY 1993 - TMM receives J.D. Power Gold Plant Award.

1993 - CY 1993 - Named "Best in Price-Class", J.D. Power.

1993 - Among "Ten Best Cars" by Car and Driver.

1993 - Named "All Star" by Automobile Magazine.

1993 - 1994 - "Family Car of the Year" Sedan Finalist Family Circle.

1994 - All-aluminum V-6 engine introduced.

1994 - CY 1994 - TMM receives J.D. Power Gold Plant Award.

1994 - "Top Ten Models in Initial Quality" by J.D. Power & Associates.

1994 - "Best Overall Value" Subcompact/Wagon over $15,000 Intellichoice

1994 - "Best Overall Value" Compact Class over $16,500 - Intellichoice

1995 - Minor front and rear fascia changes.

1996 - "Best Buy in Family Car Segment" Consumer's Digest.

1996 - "Best of What's New" Popular Science

1997 - Coupe and Wagon discontinued.

1997 - 4th generation introduced.

1997 - Camry is best-selling-car in America for both '97 model and calendar year

1997 - Among "Best Buys" Consumer's Digest

1997 - "Best Family Sedan" Consumer Reports

1997 - Among "Most Reliable Used Vehicles, MY Î89-95" Consumer Reports

1997 - Among "Ten Best Cars" Car and Driver

1997 - Named "Automobile All Star" by Automobile Magazine

1997 - "Golden Wheel Award Vehicle of the Year" African Americans on Wheels

1997 - "Total Quality Award Compact Car" Strategic Vision, Inc.

1998 - Camry Solara sport coupe is introduced for '99 Model Year.

1998 - Camry is best-selling car in America for second consecutive year

1998 - Among "Best Buys" Consumer's Digest

1999 - "Best Passenger Car in Initial Quality" J.D. Power

1999 - Among "Best Buys" Consumer's Digest

1999 - Rated "A Best Overall Value in Midsize Class" IntelliChoice, Inc. Complete Car Cost Guide

1999 - Camry is best-selling car in America for third consecutive year

2000 - "Best Buy" Consumer's Digest

2000 - Among "Best Picks for Safety" Money Magazine

2000 - "Best Family Car" Consumer Reports

2000 - Camry is best-selling car in America for fourth consecutive year

2001 - Special "Gallery Series" edition available on the Camry LE

2001 AutoPacific's Vehicle Satisfaction Score (VSS) award for Mid-Size Car

2001 AutoWeek's America's Best Award

2002 - 5th generation Camry introduced

2002 "Best Family Sedan" in Money Magazine's Car Guide 2002 (March 2002 Issue)

2002 - Received the International Carwash Association Most Washable Car award

2002 - Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) "Best Pick" rating for 40-mile per hour front offset crash test

2002 CY 2002 Detroit News names Camry "Car of the Year."

2002 CY 2002 Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) names Camry "Best Pick."

2002 CY 2002 International Car Wash Association award for "Most Washable Car."

2002 - CY 2002 Camry is best-selling car in America for fith time in the last six years

2003 Beginning in January 2003, Camry receives a PZEV engine for models with four-cylinder engines and automatic transmissions sold in California.

2004 Changes to engine and drivetrain for XLE and SE models; Limited Edition Camry


Introduced in 1983 to replace the Corona, the Camry soon took its place as Toyota's value- and volume-leader.

Camry was introduced as a front-wheel drive vehicle available in either four-door sedan or five-door hatchback configuration. It won acclaim from Consumer's Digest in 1986 as a "Best Buy", and has remained on the list since then.

In 1986, Toyota broke ground on an all-new production facility in Georgetown, Ky., Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Inc. (TMM), with the first U.S.-built Camry rolling out of the plant in 1988.

The 1987 model year saw the introduction of the second generation Camry. With it, Toyota also introduced a new 2.0L 16-valve four-cylinder engine, followed in 1988 by a new 2.5L 24-valve V-6. The 1987 model year also saw the release of a station wagon to replace the hatchback, and the option of All-Trac, Toyota's full-time all-wheel-drive system, on all models.

Camry grew up for 1992. The third generation model was larger in every dimension than the previous model, and Camry became classified as "midsize". Engines were now 2.2L four-cylinder units (producing almost as much power as the previous V-6, but with four-cylinder economy), and 3.0L V-6s. Due to dwindling sales and high engineering costs, Toyota dropped the All-Trac model. Domestic production soared and TMM became the sole production facility world-wide for the Camry station-wagon.

Safety had always been an important consideration for the Camry, and in 1994, it was available with dual front airbags as standard equipment. The vehicle also met 1997 side-impact standards three years before it was required to.

1994 also saw the addition of the U.S.-built Camry coupe to the lineup. Available with both four- and six-cylinder engines and in DX, LE and SE trim levels, it brought a new audience to Camry.

All-new for 1997, the new Camry was quieter, lighter and more powerful with better ride quality and improved handling.

Both of Camry's engines received horsepower and torque increases. The new CE base-grade (replacing DX nomenclature) reintroduced the five-speed manual V6.

With an additional two inches in wheelbase, a lowered beltline and swept-back windshield, the 1997 Camry's cabin was more spacious and inviting. NVH was reduced and new convenience features included separate rear headrests, dual rear cupholders, front overhead storage console, a glove box volume increase of 29% and a second power port for cellular phones and other electronic equipment. The power mast antenna was eliminated on the LE and XLE models and replaced with an on-glass antenna.

The 1997 Camry was the safest Camry yet, meeting or exceeding all current and foreseeable crash test criteria for North America, Europe and Asia. New safety features included enhanced impact protection, a three-point seatbelt to the center rear seat, and an optional Child Restraint System (CRS) with fabric seats. Traction control, offered for the first time on a front-engine front-wheel drive Toyota, was an available option for 1997. ABS was now standard on all models except the four-cylinder CE, in which it could be ordered as a low-cost option.

For 1998, both four- and six-cylinder engines (with the exception of the five-speed/V6 combination) were rated as Low Emission Vehicles with the EPA. Other changes to the line were the introduction of the redesigned sound system head units found in all 1998 Toyotas and two new colors.

For 2000, the Camry sedan received exterior styling enhancements with a new front fascia that features a new grille and bumper design and multi-reflector headlamps. Camry's great styling featured new rear combination taillights with wider horizontal reflectors and a new bumper design for a smoother appearance. Camry's side protection molding was also redesigned, with XLE models adding a chrome accent. The exterior enhancements were capped off with new 15-inch wheel covers for the LE grade and 16-inch aluminum alloy wheels for the XLE V6.

The interior received convenience upgrades in the area of audio systems, new fabric seats and value packages that include leather-trimmed interiors and power seats. The interior also received simulated wood trim as standard equipment.

For 2001, the Camry offered a special "Gallery Series" edition on the Camry LE grade. It featured a two-tone exterior paint, upgraded two-tone seat fabric, leather-wrapped steering wheel, leather-wrapped shift knob, carbon fiber trimmed center stack and shift plate, chrome accent door lock levers and HVAC vents, chrome-tipped exhaust, "Gallery Series" badging, five-spoke aluminum wheels and chrome painted LE wheel covers.

The 2002 Camry was completely redesigned. It featured the first all-new platform in 10 years, making it roomier, quieter and more powerful. A new SE model grade was available with a sportier style. An all-new 2.4-liter four-cylinder with variable valve timing (VVT-i) powered the Camry. It generated 157 horsepower and achieved 23/32 mpg city/highway fuel economy. Camry also offered a 3.0-liter V6 that generated 192 horsepower. The V6 achieved 20/28 mpg city/highway. Both engines were EPA-certified Ultra Low Emission Vehicles (ULEV). Three model grades were offered - LE, SE and XLE. A DVD-based navigation system was newly available. This GPS system had a faster calculating time than all of its competitors in the U.S. market.

The 2003 Camry entered the new model year unchanged, with the exception of standard fog lamps on the XLE grade and available power adjustable pedals on all trim levels with automatic transmission.

The 2004 Camry receives a few upgrades to select models. The SE V6 model receives a new 3.3-liter V6 engine with VVT-i that produces 225 horsepower and 222 ft.-lb. of torque. XLE and SE models are available with a five-speed super electronically-controlled automatic transmission with intelligence (SECT-i). A new Limited Edition Camry LE model features a unique exterior and interior enhancements.

What does it mean?

Camry: From the Japanese Kan-Muri, meaning "crown".

Where is it built?

Camrys are built at the Tsutsumi Plant in Toyota City, Japan, and at TMMK in Georgetown, Ky.

**NOTE: All chronology dates are model year, unless noted otherwise. CY refers to "Calendar Year."**

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Nicely done! Don't forget the changes made for 2005, and rumors of a hybrid version for 2007 (Gen 6).

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Damn nice info. I learnt alot of stuff. :thumbup:

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good information, well thought out too. Just one thing, the DX, LE, XLE and SE gen 3's were available in 92, not 94...I know I am a jerk

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the Avalon wasnt a Camry model..

you got this from the Press Release board on the Toyota site, huh..?

i caught you..:whatwhat:

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nice overview :thumbup:

International Car Wash Association award for "Most Washable Car."

most washable ? :lol: didn't know they had awards for that :)

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wow the camry has a great legacy. just to be cynical: what about most stollen car award for 90 and 91 models as well as some others

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what i don't understand is y in japan the camry is called "sceptor" but our camry comes from the word meaning "crown"?? shouldn't theirs be called "Kan-muri" or ours the translation for "sceptor" or something...anyone know what i'm blabbling about?
Originally Posted by theamazingnate
very nice... i also had to comment since i wanted to be in the sticky :D
me 2 :whatwhat:

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whocares04 said:
what i don't understand is y in japan the camry is called "sceptor" but our camry comes from the word meaning "crown"?? shouldn't theirs be called "Kan-muri" or ours the translation for "sceptor" or something...anyone know what i'm blabbling about?

me 2 :whatwhat:
yeah i know what your saying, i always wondered this too.:dunno:

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^---it's so it sounds more "exotic"....

just like the Maserati Quattroporte...

literally translates to "four door"..

but since it's Italian, we like it..
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