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HKS blow off valve

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I am just wonder if the HKS blow off valve for the MKIII would create any problems. I heard it would make your car run weird with and atmosphere vent system.
What would I need to fix this?
Also how much boost can a stock supra run?

Please help!!!
New to Supras!!!
Scott H.
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Search is your friend...

I'll be kind however. atmosphere BOV units dump metered air, and cause temporary rich conditions when they go off. On the supra, it can get so bad the car stalls if you are coming to a stop or keep the clutch down.

To get around it...don't keep your foot on the clutch and it'll straighten itself out. Second, buy a MAF-T converter, the discontinued VPC or the other various MAP conversion kits available (at your tuning peril) or finally, go standalone EMS. None of the fuel computers can compensate as they do with Hondas, WRX etc. as none can control the karman vortec signal properly...even those with BOV dump correction.

So if i bought a stand alone ecu that would be able to solve any problems I might have?

What are some good ECU systems available for the gen III supra?

Oh and the car is a 1988.
Thanks for your help!!!
Depends on your price. SDS systems can be had in the under $1k US range, and installed/tuned for about that again. but are limited in their control and capabilities. One commonly used for MK III's is the Autronics SMC, but installed and tuned you are looking toward $4k US. They get much more expensive from there depending on processor etc. Magnetti Marelli are recently in...$15k US and up (these computers, or varients, are used in F1)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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