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hlp diagnose plz

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I washed my engine bay down /w engine degreaser and water. I had trouble starting it and smoke was pooring out of the intake. It runs now and idles perfect. I can rev it /w the clutch in but when i start going it starts to die in 2nd geasr about 30 mph. I then throw in clutch to stop it from dying. When it is chugging it sounds like a misfire but without the backfire. It sounds like water is getting sucked into the engine.

I took off the intake assembly and inspected it for signs of water(calcium xor soap deposites) and i couldn't find any. I luooked in the throttle body and couldn't find any traces of water in there.

I can rev the car when the hood is up but when the hood is down it chugs/misfires.

I think I may shoot a video of it.
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Didn't you post this up a while ago? Did you give it a few days like they told you earlier?
sounds like you have a misfire from getting water in the distributor.
^ I 2nd that.

I've had it happen to me the first time I washed the engine on my gen 2. Big mistake not covering up the distributor.

Anyways take off the distributor cap (3 bolts) and soak up any water that you see.
you dried out your ignition system and its still doing shite.

Sounds like your cables are shot, leaking and possibly arcing on your hood if it works fine with it up.
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