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1988 toyo Corolla DX
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Ok, so I do have the Power Mirror relay (gray box shit, it says "Retractor Relay") that I pulled from a '89 GTS along with the mirrors and switch off the car.

1. Does that PM Relay the same with the sedan LE-model with power mirrors?

I was in the junkyard yesterday and came across a nice LE-model. Power mirrors, power locks, power windows. Center console with an armrest, too. Never seen that, missing a little cover but I took it anyways along with the mirrors. About the mirror relay, where is it on a sedan? In the place where I took it from the GTS, there was a green box relay that says "Window Control" (which I may go back for). I couldn't find the Mirrow Relay in the sedan... where is it?

Plz let me asap kno, I should be in a junkyard in about an hour or two and would like to know so I can get them before leaving from there (I receive email notices on my phone:thumbsup:)
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