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Homemade CV Boot

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I need a short-term seal for my CV joint on my Gen2 Camry for a few weeks until I replace the axle. The current boot is split right in half.

I can't get the axle off, and no one around here sells the split-boot variety. I need something that is flexible and reasonably tough. Any ideas? I need the best of boro for this!
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Why dont you try duct taping your existing boot together. I had the idea for a while but didn't have the courage to try it.

What are you going to lose? Tell us the results, if it works, you could save all of us a lot of money.
you do realize thats its filled with grease and spins at a very high rate. So doing a temporary fix wont work, you'll just destroy the CV joint.
It's already wrecked, which is why I'm replacing it. It just needs to last a bit longer.
fire some grease in there and duct tape the shit out of it
be our guinee pig. Try the ductape idea. Who knows? It just might last you a week or two. Or it might last FOREVER! lol
Duct tape is your friend.... use it. :D
i'd get a couple of hose clamps to seal the ends too
You could seriously be on to something. Then you can sell them on Ebay for like 4 dollars and you can be a millionare.
If maguiver could use duct tape to make a gun and blow up a building, I dont see why it wouldn't work for a CV boot. :weed:
Homemade CV Boot- electrical tape

I have a crack in one of my CV boots... I tried "duct taping the shit out of it" but like one of the guys on the post said, the CV boot spins very quickly and gets very hot so the grease will leak out and the duct tape will come off.

I used black electrical tape (I think you can buy it at home depot or any hardware store) to seal the crack longitudinally, then then taped the circumference of the boot as well (make sure the end of the tape goes all the way around the boot and meets the other end of the tape or it will peel off).
Next I cut a plastic grocery bag into a strip and tied that around the boot.
Lastly I covered the whole thing with more electrical tape being careful to to form the tape onto the pleats of the boot; the CV joint/drive shaft rotates and goes up and down as you hit bumps so if you expect the tape to stay, it must be able to move (its like putting an ace bandage on your knee).
And I recommend doing this whole procedure with the wheels straight; this is the relaxed postion of the boot.

My fake boot has stayed on perfectly for 1 week now but I haven't taken it on the freeway..
Pep Boys also sells a "zip up" boot that you can put on the shaft without removing it but I don't know what cars it fits.
Good link about replacing CV boots on FWD.
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