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Honda motor in Saturn VUE.

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I was reading motor trend today and they had an article where they tested a few SUV's or SAV's or whatever the fuck they're called today :lol: anyways.. they had the Red Line Saturn VUE in that funky green colour. I couldn't help but notice that the 250hp motor that comes in the VUE its actually a Honda motor... I was like :eek: I like that particular truck, now the fact that the motor in it is more reliable that any POS motor GM could've slapped in there makes me wanna buy that truck even more. :D

Saturn its been in so much trouble lately that sourcing Honda motors might just keep the brand alive.

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yeah, i read about it a few months ago

i sure as hell hoped they used a honda manual too, only way that engine will be useful in a Saturn...
Well, Honda let GM use their V6 motor so Honda could use GM's V8 for Honda's new truck coming out.

GM builds fairly reliable motors as do so many other automotive companies. Don't forget, Buick, which is a branch of GM, is ranked at #2 in least amount of problems per 100 cars. Thats beating out Toyota, but not Lexus. Not to mention, it also beat Honda and Acura. Of course though, Saturn did rank below the industries average. Nontheless, no one can truely build trucks like the Big Three.

Every single automotive company has their share of technologies from others.

Saturn is so freaking lame, they need to kick it up.
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