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I read something like this on 3rd Gen Sienna and think it might be a good DIY for my wife's 07 HL.

Her HL is a base so the hood is supported by a rod. It will be nice if I can add a hood struct to lift it up without pulling the rod. Does HL limited has hood lift? If so can anyone post pic so I can see where the structs are mounted and part number?

If not, I think it can still be an easy DIY, just need to figure out where will be the good location for the mount.

hope to get some input from you guys

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Nope Hood prop on the wife's, but it's an 01 so it's missing a lot of the refinements the later ones have. Like a freaking center console.

Personally, I like the hood prop a little better. It makes it near impossible for the car to "eat" you. It's funny to watch, but when it happens to you it freaking hurts.
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