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Hooking up my girls Celica

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Sean/21/m from Hamilton, NJ and I have a 2003 Tiburon GT 6 spd. My mods are in my signature. It has WRX World Rally Blue paint but I just got a job at a collision repair shop and I will be painting it Purple Haze Chamelleon (or however you spell it). It has a bangin system and some mods. Future plans are a stage 3 intake manifold package, headers and 18's. Anyways, my girls car is a 2002 Celica GT and it just has black chrome taillights and AC autotechnic S4 guages. Future plans for the Celica are a system, 17's, minor engine work (can't make it too loud) and some lowering springs.

For you Jersey heads, I go to Rt. 37 a lot. So hopefully, I'll meet some cool people on here that go too.