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Horrible Brake noises

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i jsut got my 90 gt-s back from the shop after they did some work on my breaks. on the way home i noticed that the horrible grindign noise didn't get fixed and is actually is worse.
it usually only happens when i brake from 60+kmph.

Anyone have any ideas as to what the problem is?
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what did you pay them to do?
think they did new pads, and cleaned the calipers i think. i really suck with car repairs. so until i can learn more, i have to pay.

ill get a more detailed list of things they did tomorrow cuz all the papers are in the car.
Hmm.. Maybe John should have listened to Derik and let him do the brake job instead. Hopefully the replaced your rotors. Otherwise I'd say they bent you over. :D You should have trust in your fellow TN members. Obviously just take it back. all you can do.
ok, so i got 4 new rotors. new pads in the front breaks and the rest just cleaned and serviced.

however im still getting a slight grinding noise at about 60kmph and they still squeek a bit. Im hoping its just being worn in, but if anyone else has any ideas....

Anyway, now i have new sound that just developed today. Its coming from the back right wheel well and sounds as if someone is putting a stick on the spokes of a bike tire...just 'tap tap tap tap' when im going like 20-40kmph. with my limited knowledge, it sound like the caliper is not releasing properly...again, any ideas?

they might have only replaced your pads and left the rotors as they were. The rotors should have been machined to reduce the noise. That might be the problem, happened to me on my 87 gts - when i had it.
Caliper not bolt-on tight and its falling off:eek:
Wheel not bolt on tight and falling off.
Did that to myself before:p:
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