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Hot gen 4.5, never seen have u

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Was looking at body kits and found this camry that i never saw, altezza outer lens and shaved trunk lid

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i believe i seen that before
almost like a bmw. but it's not that impressive honestly. but it does look good
meh... for me, less is more
^ you're not missing anything

bomex mirrors are interesting on it

UfoZ8myCow said:
that rear bumper is tiiiiiiiired.... time for them to make something new for gen 4s.
i agree
oh, i see the bottom pic now, top pic still not working

i really don't like that bumper. ugh.. :ugh3:
i like the mirrors. trunk is ok.
Isn't it illegal to take out the lights on the trunk?
top pic not working.

i'm sorry, no offense to anyone, but that bottom pic (the one of the back) looks horrible! that wing is ugly, and the bumper looks really odd. I think it'd look better with the full tails. but taht's just my opinion, and if the owner likes it, well it's his car.
I'd shave my trunk lid, but i'd replace the corner tail's with a late model markII triangle tails. NOW THAT WOULD BE SWEET. that rear bumer ive seen it a few times...but its not my cup of tea, I DO LOVE THE MIRRORS. YUM!
everyone always told me to shave my inner lights but i dont think i want to do that.

and if you shave your inner lights you have to relocate your reverse lights somewhere/somehow.
thats the type of look were everything needs to be molded and shaved...clean car though....I like the shaved back lights, and the spoiler looks good!
the only thing that looks nice is the color....

other wise..:thumbdown
UfoZ8myCow said:
he should give me his bomex mirrors
Yeah, so that way, it wouldn't fit your car. :lol:
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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