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Hot Import Nights: Dallas, TX 8/7

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Who is going to the show?

Who is showing?

A few guys from are showing with me, it should be alot of fun.

We were talking about doing a Toyota/ Lexus meet early on the day of roll in, is anyone interested?
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Yo what's good?? I am going to the show, but I am not showing. I am almost up to show, all I need is my bodykit installed ans a couple more engine mods and I am ok for the pee-wee entries. I am rolling in from Houston. It will be my firlst time to Dallas so I am not really familiar with the area. I did get a good hotel reservation walking distance from Market Hall though. I'm interested in rolling through if a lot of people are going to roll through. I am sure I will stick out like a sore thumb if everyone elses ride is going to be majorly tricked out, but oh well at least I am representing. Check out my ride in my profile if you like and tell me what you think. Gt back at me if that roll through is going to occur and we can set something up.....laters!!!
I just got back from Houston :)

What hotel are you staying at? I need to make reservations still.
I am going to be staying walking distance from Market Hall, the name of the place is Quality Inn Dallas Market Center the number there is (214)747-9551 I think they got the best rates. I payed $89.84 for the weekend call them up before they run out of rooms hommie if worse comes to worst holla at me and maybe we can squeeze you in if you pitch in for the room. I'm going with 2 people and the limit is 4 so let me know what happens ok hommie. Get at me at [email protected] or laters...
Looks like we got hooked up at the Marriot by Market Hall :D

Come by the VIP area durring the show, just look for the BLUE IS300 on the Flyer ;)

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