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Hot running 22R

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Hello all and I am very frustrated!!!! Relatively new motor in an 84 long bed 4WD. 30K on the motor. I have a new radiator 3rd thermastat, 2nd fan clutch, new sending unit, water pump is fine and no leaks and it has been sniffed and as far as I can tell there is no head gasget leak. Now I have grouded the gauge and it seams to be working fine but I am not sure if anyone has heard of the dash gauge being wrong. It does not over heat but it is definatly getting hot. The gauge runs in the upper third just under the red line. Now when I run the motor up to that temp and turn it off the fan clutch continues to spin 8 to 10 revolutions???? but after it idols for a bit then the fan clutch will stop with the engine shut off. DO I have a bad fan clutch??? This is a new one and it is acting just like the old one??? So any thoughts would be great thanks in advance
Cheers John
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