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hotchkis sway bar rattling

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i just installed my rear hotchkis sway bar for my 99 corolla about 4 days ago...everything went in according to the directions...i drove it around...and for the first 2 was great...but...on the 3rd day...i started to hear some rattling in the rear...i look underneath and i assume nothing wrong...i keep driving but that rattling sound like the sway bars are hitting something is still there...i go all the bolts..make sure evertyhing is correct...i take it out for a drive...and...its alright...for the first 15 minutes...then it starts to rattle again...i think my shocks somewhere are hitting my sway bar...i see this one little part of both of my shocks thats stickin out and it has some of the red paint from the sway bar on it...could that be the problem?...or something else?...and did anyone else have a similiar problem like this one...oh yea..i didnt install the front sway bar yet cuz the 19 mm bolt is tight as f*ck!
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if ur bolt's are loosening, try wrapping some tape dope around them before putting the nuts on, it might make them hold on better
This may sound crazy but are you sure the bar is for your car? I've had my Hot-cakes bars on my 01 for 3 years and never had this problem. I had the first generation front bar that was incorrectly designed by Hotchkis as they admitted. So when they finally sent me the revised front bar under warranty they sent me an 01 Celica bar. Obviously they are plenty capable of errors. In any case you should call them at 877-466-7655 or go to their web site They are surprisingly helpful.
yea im sure its for my car it had the same bends as the stock gonna try to switch the rears around and see what that would do...the rattling noise is bothering the crap out of me
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