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How about some Springs/Struts/Coilover reviews...

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Would be nice if you guys could post what you have, maybe a pic of what it looked like, preferably on a flat surface and a straight on side shot...

here would be the info to include...

Type: Spring and Strut OR Coilover Brand/Model (be specific)
Setup: Street, Mix, Track, Auto-X, springs rates if you have them
Drop: helps if we all keep it in fingers... since inches is kinda iffy depending on your stock height, tire gap... etc. so maybe throw in your tires to so we can keep an idea... a car is going to look different with 205/40/17's and 205/75/15's....
Extras: sway bars, endlinks, other suspension mods...
Review: pros, cons

keep the banter out - make this a useful thread ;)

i will try and keep a running list of what the "average" people see is in drop

Available coilovers (pick your drop to a certain extent)
- D2
- Hotbits
- Ksport
- Tein (camry 97-01)

- B+G =
- Eibach =
- Dropzone
- H&R = gen3 (2.5 finger front, 2 finger rear)
- Intrax = gen3 (2 finger front, 1.5 finger rear)
- King Springs = AUS only
- Kport
- Springtech
- Sprint
- Tein = gen5 (1.5 finger front, 1 finger rear)
- TRD (aka eibachs with a color change)
- Vogtland = gen3 (2.5 finger front, 2 finger rear)
- Whiteline

- bilstein
- kyb
- tokicos (seem most popular on these boards for camry)

i know this info is covered some in the super faq... but we can update it ;)
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Type and car: 1995 4cyl. camry Hotbits full coilovers - custom shimmed and sealed
Setup: 7kgF/5kgR really for the track, but driven on the street
Drop: on 225/40/18's set to 2 fingers front, 1.5 fingers rear... kit is kinda low
Extras: whiteline rear sway bar

pros: the coilovers HOLD THE GROUND on a nice pavement... if i go out to the track as much as i wanted, i am sure i could tear it up... also the ability to adjust height is always a plus, even though i don't have them slammed to much, because of the frequent driving spring-fall, but when i am on a road that is nice, i love love love them, because i have never felt the car flex in a hard turn ;)

cons: pretty damn stiff, give my back a workout and when you hit a bump, these guys let you know it - i have been up and back from toronto to st. louis twice and it was harsh... i am probably going to get a spring/strut setup for the DD aspect of the car - coilovers for show, it is not hard to swap them out, when you have both sets fully loaded

Type and car: 1999 camry v6 on tokico struts and intrax springs
Setup: basically DD street, progressive springs
Drop: on 215/45/17's a little over 2 fingers front, 1.5 fingers rear
Extras: whiteline rear sway bar

pros: these were awesome, drop was right there where i wanted it, and let me hit the corners reaaaaally well...on both the gen3 and gen4, whiteline bar helps too :) i would really suggest this setup to anybody that asked, plus the springs are purple... that's hot

cons: none really... i loved this setup, and i think i might get the same thing on my gen3 for DD, adjustability would be nice, but i don't futz with the hotbits that much anyways

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Don't forget about the JIC.

Sorry, but I can't remember my srping rates.

Drop? Dump as you see fit.

They are nice and stiff, easily upset by nasty roads. More for the track than for the street.

The rear struts make "hissing" noises when they go up and down, probably due to the pillow ball mounts.

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Car: 2002 Toyota Camry 4cyl
Type: Tein S. Tech
Setup: Street
Drop: About 1 finger in the rear, 1.5 fingers in the front. (1.7"F/1.5"R drop on 215/50R17)
Extras: None
Review: Awesome drop, awesome ride quality. I'm on stock struts, and they've taken very little away from the stock ride. Its a little bumpier than it was before, but thats to be expected with any drop. Look and feel great! I would recommend them to anyone.

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Type And Car: 1996 4cyl. Camry with K-Sport Coilovers
Setup: 9kg/mm Front and 5kg/mm in rear, for track use only, but its my daily driver...
Drop: Rolling on 225/40-18's, and the drop is low, i cant get a finger in the front and im tucked in the rear about a little more than halfway down the 40 series.
Extras: TRD strut bar ;)

Pros: I have not found a corner yet that my car cannot handle, sticks pretty damn well and the handling is unbeleivable, i think people get mad when i take turns faster than them and there driving in a BMW sports car :lol:

Cons: Hard on the kidneys, you feel EVERY SINGLE BUMP, but hey theres gotta be a sacrafice for top of the line handling, and thats the only con i have found thus far on these coilovers.

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BUMP! i know alot more people can contribute to this thread.
Type and car: 1994 Camry V6 on Tokico Struts and Stock springs
Setup: DD street
Drop: 215/45/17's no drop at all, stock height.
Extras: whiteline rear sway bar, Ractive front strut bar.

pros: This setup is awesome, and let me hit the corners very flat. Body roll and flex is minimal at best. You can feel a bit more of the road, but it is not uber stiff and rides very nice.

cons: None really... I love this setup.

Type and car: 1997 Camry i4 on Tokico Struts and tein s-tech springs
Setup: DD street
Drop: 215/40/18's 1.7 inch front 1 inch rear
Extras: arospeed front tower brace, custom rear bracing 1 inch mild steel

pros: The drop looks even and aggressive but not overdone. I havent hit much but I scrape if I dont take driveways at an angle. Handling is night and day difference better.

cons: Some suspension noise in cold weather but thats why the stereo is there. Little suspension noise < 130 decibels of alternative rock.

Type and car: 1997 Camry i4 on photochopped coilovers
Setup: You wont be getting far on pothole filled stl streets...
Drop: 215/40/18's 3 inch front 3 inch rear

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Type and car: 1994 Holden Apollo V6 on Monroe Sensatrac Struts and King Springs (i4 application) springs
Setup: better then OE strut replacement, street springs. ~100,000km on the struts, ~50,000km on the springs.
Drop: see below tyres are 205/65R15 (pictured) but now wear 215/60R15, front is lower due to i4 application on a v6.
Extras: front 38psi, rear 40psi, Nankang 611 series tyres.

pros: [springs]MORE comfortable then the stock springs, no comment on struts-- they work, there is no 'bounce' like on OE struts. King Springs is an australian company therefore make springs for OUR roads which are well, crap, so they are quite comfortable at normal speeds but the progressiveness of hte springs stiffen up very fast-- good for corners, car does boat a bit but sits stable once in the stiffer rate of the spring. corndering control is very predictable, although tyres are a let down.

cons: [struts] starting to age, after theyre warmed up too much front end dives massively, rear wanders under braking. looking into the lower rear springs (to correct level hight) and tokico hp's.

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terra, the front end is driving massively prolly cause of the i4 springs...
oh, ive just got monroe front struts, bit stiffer, planing on rear sway, and possibly lower.
Axel Kain said:
terra, the front end is driving massively prolly cause of the i4 springs...
oh, ive just got monroe front struts, bit stiffer, planing on rear sway, and possibly lower.
keep on topic plz, and no its not diving because of hte i4 springs, the v6 and i4 are the same rates execpt for being shorter for the i4. it is diving becuase once they get to hot the shocks dont dapen enough anymore, theyre worn.
bump for responses... i know more people have suspension mods
Type and car: 1994 5sfe on tokico strut inserts and H&R lowering springs
Setup: 215/45/17 DD
Extras: Whiteline rear sway bar
Drop: the gap now is 2.5 fingers front and rear, I think 1.5 in front and rear. Handling is amazing, corners very flat and the ride quality has grown a little more harsh but very tollerable for daily driving. I wish there was just a little less fender gap but the lack in appearance is made up for in handling, no rubbing or harshness.:thumbup:

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Car: 1995 Camry 2.2L
Type: Tokcio HP Blues and Eibach Pro-Kit
Setup: Street
Drop: 1.2" Front, 1" Rear. 3 finger gap in the front, about 2 in the rear.
Extras: Front Tower Strut Bar. RSB soon.
Review: Great ride. I'm still on stock 14s and the ride is definitely firmer but still very comfortable. Handles and corners tight. Less gap is better gap!

Still haven't taken pictures. Sorry dudes. I'll update when I do.
Car: 1996 5sfe
Type: Sprint Springs + Monroe Struts
Setup: Street
Drop: 1/2 finger rear, 2 finger front
Review: Good ride but shit stance.
BUMP!!.... i'm in need to up grade ASAP...this will help me with homework on springs and struts
gen 3 v6
stock springs on tokico blues
a big difference from the blown stockers, ride is a little stiff but leaning is minimal.
Car: 1994 SE V6 Coupe
Type: DZ Springs + Tokico Blue
Setup: Street
Setup: 205/65/15
Drop: -1 finger rear, -1 finger front
Extra: Some front tower strut bar
Review: Unpredictable drop, oversteer at times (obviously), bottom out frequently (due to exhaust design), feel EVERYTHING thats on the road
Setup- KYB shocks/struts with 2.0" Dropzone springs.
Back fender walls rolled and shaved.

Dropzone springs are not near as bad as people say. Im happy with mine, the setup is actually really smooth overall. As far as cornering and handling goes, its no 2 door coupe or BMW 3 series, but for someone who hasnt hopped behind a good handling car, meh it handles allright. Its a bit low when it comes to turning in driveways and going over nasty speed humps, and yes oversteer is a problem. I plan on doing a RSB, Strut tower bar, and depending on money issues i may go for a coilover set. The camry also has a really weak feeling steering column, which goes back to the oversteer.
Car: 1995 LE Coupe
Setup:Eibach on Tokicos's (on 225/45zr17 tires)
Drop: 1.2" Front, 1" rear
Extras: Front Strut Tower Brace

Pros: Excellent ride, excellent lateral rigidity, drastic improvement to cornering and overall handling (no more "floating", does better keeping the rubber on the road)

Cons: Not enough drop. For someone like me, who likes to corner hard and fast, its just not enough. Its hard to explain, but i want something lower and stiffer. Also, if you plan on taking you car to the track, this is not the setup for you.
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